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cropped-GEDC0341.jpg‘The Misanthrope’

cropped-Other-Arnolfini.jpg‘The Other Arnolfini’

'Europa' 2012‘Europa’



lG K Chesterton‘Heroes & Villains No. 9: G K Chesterton’


Salt Pillars‘Salt Pillars’

ldrewhewitt 004‘Consecration of the First Church on the Moon’

lStefan Themerson‘Heroes & Villains No.13: Stefan Themerson’

lGlenn Gould‘Heroes & Villains No. 6: Glenn Gould’

Heroes & Villains No.13 - Kurt Vonnegut‘Heroes & Villains No.3: Kurt Vonnegut’

ldrewhewitt 014‘Three Little Kisses (No.1)’

alr‘A Living Room’

IMG_0156‘It Is Isn’t It’

hlr‘H, L & R’

M&P‘M & P’

The New Windowcleaner‘The New Windowcleaner’


lEarthlit Waters‘Earthlit Waters’

ldrewhewitt 005‘Incident in the Snow’

ldrewhewitt 003‘Cirkus Family’

Looking for St Christopher‘Looking for St Christopher’

ldrewhewitt 013‘This Sporting Life’

ldrewhewitt 002‘Baked Potatoes’

ldrewhewitt 007‘On The Red Hill I’

ldrewhewitt 008‘On The Red Hill II’

ldrewhewitt 011‘The Levitator’

IMG_0155‘The Levitator Changes a Lightbulb’

IJC‘Three Brothers’

SJ‘Mr Jobs’

DSC_0003‘104 Studies Towards a Portrait of my Father’

fre‘Heroes & Villains No.1: Sigmund Freud’

The Artist's Sauces‘The Artist Admits His Sauces’


IMG_0160‘The Flying Monk (who broke both his ankles when he landed)’

‘Paul’ 2016